How UCs plan to phase out ACT/SAT. This means that test scores will not be used in any way in the admission process and that there will likely be enhanced emphasis on the high school classes, grades, and rigor of a student’s curriculum, as well as their essays and activities. If the ruling is upheld, the UCs will be test blind for students applying to enroll in the fall of 2021 (current high school seniors, for example). TEST UPDATES for SENIORS - CLASS OF 2021 . Test blind means that the UC schools won't consider California students' SAT or ACT scores as a part of the admissions process at all. The University of California Board of Regents today (May 21) unanimously approved the suspension of the standardized test requirement (ACT/SAT) for all California freshman applicants until fall 2024. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Show Menu. However, for the class of 2023 and the class of 2024, UCs will go test-blind, meaning SATs and ACTs would not be considered at all during the admissions process, according to the UC News. Many colleges and specialized programs still require standardized testing (including the UCs—except for fall 2021 freshman admission). ***Please make sure you double check ALL the colleges you wish to apply to, especially out-of-state and private colleges. Seniors across the country can set aside their thick test-prep books as 1,600 colleges in the U.S., and the University of California system, have eliminated the SAT/ACT standardized testing requirements for students applying for the Fall 2021 school year. ... San Diego and Santa Barbara, optionally considering these scores for fall 2021 and 2022 admissions and eliminating them entirely beginning with the class of 2023. Remember, these are recommendations, not mandates. The University of California must immediately suspend use of SAT or ACT test scores for admission and scholarship decisions, an Alameda County Superior Court judge has ruled. For the classes of 2023 and 2024, the UCs will go test-blind. Arushi Saxena. *** UCs and CSUs have made the SAT/ACT TEST OPTIONA L/BLIND!!! (Daily Bruin file photo). UPDATE: Upon appeal by the UC, the court has lifted the injunction. the same as test blind, which means that whether or not you have a score will be noted for the Class of 2021 and 2022. If you apply more than once in a cycle your application fee will not be refunded. U.S. News & World report announced Wednesday that it will start to rank test-blind colleges and universities.. Test-blind colleges do not accept the SAT or ACT in the admissions process, even if scores are submitted. Lawsuit filed against UC system calls test-optional policy ‘discriminatory’ UC Berkeley plans pilot study of test-blind admissions UC Board of Regents votes to … UCs must go test-blind, Alameda judge rules. Current High School Students Update (October 29, 2020): UCs are TEST-BLIND for Fall 2021 admission (November 2020 application deadline), find more information here. 1460-1570. While this initially seems like a logical decision, the UCs going test-blind for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle is not only unfair to those who invested time and effort in preparing for the test, but also makes admissions exceedingly difficult for students whose … Hilgard House. The University of California will not use standardized test scores in fall 2021 admissions. However, a majority of UC campuses are test optional. No. The UC did not immediately respond for comment. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the UC required applicants to submit either the SAT with an essay test or the ACT with an essay test, which cost $68 and $70 to take each individual test, respectively. Scores will not be used for UCI's comprehensive review process and Selection. In the Fall of 2023 and 2024, UC schools will be “test blind”. Thus, a test-blind policy is the only way to ensure equity between all applications. For students who do want to submit them, they don’t have to submit the writing test. With this policy, SAT/ACT test scores are not considered during the admission process, even if you include them in your application. Because of COVID, they will be test blind (test scores will not be considered) for Fall 2021 admissions. What does this mean? The University was previously using a test-optional approach for this cycle. For the classes of 2023 and 2024, the UCs will go test-blind. The lawsuit claims the tests discriminate against applicants of color and applicants with disabilities. For students who do want to submit them, they don’t have to submit the writing test. Seligman also noted that some UC campuses -- including Berkeley-- have gone test blind. 2021, 2022. She is also a third-year psychology student. Press J to jump to the feed. ... San Diego and Santa Barbara, optionally considering these scores for fall 2021 and 2022 admissions and eliminating them entirely beginning with the class of 2023. Colleges that aren't requiring SAT/ACT Scores for the 2020-2021 school year. This piecemeal approach left students confused and unsure of whether or not to submit scores. Many private colleges have as well. Thursday, May 21, 2020. Many private colleges have as well. It’s unclear what they will do for Fall 2022 admissions … [UCs will be] test optional for fall of 2022, test blind for … For UCs, you will write 4 short essays (length 350 words). The UC will take a test-blind approach and will not use the SAT or ACT as a factor in admissions for high school students applying in the fall 2021 cycle, according to the UC Admissions website. For students who do want to submit them, they don’t have to submit the writing test. Recommendations for fall 2021 applicants. According to this UCOP Press Release, UC Regents voted on May 21, 2020 to adopt Napolitano’s proposal to suspend the ACT/SAT requirement between Fall 2021 and Fall 2024, while identifying or creating a new test; if no new test can be made available by Fall 2025, the testing requirement will be eliminated for California students. For 2023 and 2024, the UCs will be test blind for California applicants, which means that the SAT/ACT scores will NOT be used in admissions decisions. ... recognized that the UC system's 'test-optional' policy would have given ... UC Berkeley plans pilot study of test-blind … If the UC is unable to create a new one by then, it will continue to not use the SAT or ACT in admissions. For these two classes, SAT/ACT scores will not factor into undergraduate admissions for … The decision to go test blind comes after the California First District Court of Appeal denied the UC’s request to continue using standardized tests in admissions Oct. 29. 2021. If you choose to submit test scores as part of your application, they may be used to determine your eligibility for … UCs have announced they will stop considering test scores (SAT/ACT) starting with admissions for Fall 2023. She was previously a contributor for the beat. UC Becomes Test-Blind for California Students for 2022 and 2023. In essence, the UCs will keep its test-optional policies for the class of 2021 and the class of 2022. The other three UC campuses, Berkeley, Irvine and Santa Cruz, decided in May to not accept test scores at all.